Dr. John Keller, DDS
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Tooth extractions are an often necessary procedure in the fight for good dental health.

Extractions are generally performed for two basic reasons. The first is to remove a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond normal tooth-saving treatments. This helps to remove a source of potential harm to your oral health and to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

The second reason is to remove an impacted tooth, a tooth that may be protruding through tissue or bone or that is affecting the natural function of the surrounding teeth. Impacted teeth can cause swelling, pain and infection.

We perform surgical tooth extractions with maximum safety and minimal pain. Our professionals anesthetize the affected area to eliminate pain and discomfort during the extraction procedure. Our extractions are performed so as to create as little scarring as possible.

We offer fast, yet precise tooth extractions in a comfortable atmosphere for a pleasant and convenient dental experience.

If you are experiencing pain, swelling or discomfort in your mouth, you may be a candidate for an extraction. Contact our office for more information.



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